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Heavy Rubber Bridge encloses stream hoses up to 10cm diameter, protecting them from heavy vehicle traffic. Hose bridges are a life-saver on fire calls in high traffic areas by protecting master stream lines from bulges caused when heavy vehicles run over the lines. For convenience, the DH-HCR4 Hose Bridge has a 30cm x 12.5cm carrying handle on each end. The handles allow the bridge to be quickly placed over hose lines in emergency situations. Includes (2) modular connectors for hooking multiple ramps together or for use in permanent mounting applications.

Dual master stream channels for 3-3/4″D hose
1″W Step increments (5″ overall height)
Safety yellow reflective strips
Glass bead reflectors
For longer reliability position the ramp at a 30° angle to the flow of traffic for vehicles to cross one wheel at a time
Ramp connectors with pre-drilled holes for permanent mounting
Industrial strength thermoplastic rubber bridge design

Model No Length Width Height Channel Weight Color Capacity
DH-HCR-4 855mm 300mm 125mm 100x100mm x2 19kg Black/Yellow 20 Tons